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Supercharge your document processing

Get rid of manual data processing, free up your team’s time, and become more efficient!

Extract relevant data from Word, PDF, and image files and transfer it to various file formats and integration options.

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Exclusive Features

Process documents faster & cheaper

Eliminate Manual Entry

Eliminate error-prone manual data entry and extract accurate information in a few clicks.

AI Capabilities

AI Capabilities for all data extraction procedures with OCR technology that allows highly precise data extraction.

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Any Document

Get more value from your documents by extracting data from multiple document formats, including doc, .docx, .txt, .html, and.pdf.

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Customizable Parsing Algorithms

Fully customisable modular blocks & APIs for workflow automation. Build a customized document capture and data extraction workflow within minutes.

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Table Parsing

Extract redundant data from tables, such as items from a shipping order, invoices, or other tabular formats.

Multiple Export Options

Extract and Format recurring text structures and tables from PDF, Word, and Image documents in real-time.

The smarter way to process documents

Create Your Template Without Coding

Create a template to extract data from PDF or image documents using options tailored to your document type, with zero coding. You can also select a specific preset template for your document.

Upload / Import Documents

You can upload your document directly or import it by connecting to any cloud storage such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Email integration or use REST API

Download / Export Data

Connect our software to thousands of cloud applications to get your data automatically processed and ready for use! Transfer your parsed document information to CSV, Excel, and XML files and export it in different file formats.

Automate The Manual Data Entry Process

Automate the tedious tasks

Copying and pasting information from receipts, invoices, documents by hand is time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors.
Set up an automated data gathering pipeline using that produces consistent, predictable, and correct information in all situations every time.

Scale Your Business

Now, no more hiring teams or asking your existing teams to work overtime when documentation entry spikes. is designed to withstand voluminous data. It can process hundreds of documents provided in a matter of seconds.

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Quick Data Extraction and Simple To Use

Extract The Data You Want

Make your data input workflow even more efficient by automatically extracting only the valuable information you want from the documents! Share the extracted data to other apps instantly for further use. 

Parsing of many layouts

Create as many parser templates to accommodate your different layouts. will choose the best option for you and convert your documents into structured information.

Normalization of data

Create a uniform format for parsed data such as numbers, dates, identities, and addresses.

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Extract Details From Any Form Of Documents

Payrolls & HR Forms

Users can extract important info from paychecks and various HR documents and applications and then prepare it in any format they want.

Financial or Bank Statements takes information or line elements from Financial Records or any other bank statements you would like to process.

Purchase Orders & Sales Orders allows customers to retrieve data from sales or purchase requisitions in the specified format and export it to Excel/CSV or transfer it to any system. 

Other Documents’s customized data extraction algorithms cover various use situations. Be it tabular data, scanned invoices, or any receipts. With no coding, define your rules, and will take care of the rest.

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  • Pages 750
  • File size limit 5 MB
  • Data Retention 30 Days
  • API Access No
  • Support Email
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Business Plan

  • Pages 10000
  • File size limit 100 MB
  • Data Retention 365 Days
  • API Access Yes
  • Support Dedicated
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  • Pages 8,400
  • File size limit 5 MB
  • Data Retention 30 Days
  • API Access No
  • Support Email
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Business Plan

  • Pages 120,000
  • File size limit 100 MB
  • Data Retention 365 Days
  • API Access Yes
  • Support Dedicated
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Have a question?

Robodox is a world-class A.I. platform that can parse a document in as little as 12 seconds. This is fifty times faster than any human could do it, and 70% less expensive than traditional data entry methods.

We’d love to show you how works over a quick demo call and how it can free up your team’s time, and become more efficient!

Robodox uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract textual information from any documents. It can extract data from Scanned PDFs and image files. The extracted data can be downloaded as an Excel file or integrated with your software systems by using the APIs

Any and all documents are supported. You can either use the “Raw” template to just extract the text dump or create Templates to define smart text extraction rules.

Robodox provides a easy-to-use graphical interface to create Templates. A template allows you to define format for each of your document type and map which fields should be extracted. You can do this completely without leaving your browser and without any programming knowledge.

Robodox provides multiple export options. You can easily export data as Excel files. Additionally, you can leverage the APIs to connect with your software systems and automate the data export.

Absolutely! You can create a free account and get started. Once you create an account, we’ll connect with you, understand your requirements and take you through the system so you can get the most out of the system.

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